※Temporary nursing at home Yurikamome
A visit nurse visits it with instructions of the family medicine for the medical care measures which family medicine recognized when it is necessary in the home in the that it is necessary, home, and rehabilitation supports medical treatment life for one with worry becoming bedridden, the aftereffects of the cerebrovascular accident by a disease or an injury, and there is it for the purpose of measuring function recovery / the maintenance of mind and body.
I visit it in 24 hours about holiday and suspension of business time and cope.

※Home care support Yurikamome

When a senior citizen became the care states required, I support it to be able to run the everyday life that I accept the ability to have as much as possible in a home, and became independent

※A business day / business hours
 From Monday to Friday(I remove it from national holiday and December 30 until January 3)
 From 8:45 a.m. to half past 5 p.m.